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The Standard Fluids Corporation’s SF™1230 Fire Protection Fluid Now Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories

Miami, Florida — The Standard Fluids Corporation is thrilled to announce its recent Underwriter Laboratories (UL) recognition for its premiere engineered fluid. As of November 29, 2023, Standard Fluids SF™1230 Fire Protection Fluid received its UL Component Recognition. SF 1230 fluid may now be used as a component of UL-listed clean extinguishing agent systems, and orders are already being taken worldwide. SF 1230 fluid is fully compliant with the key industry standards NFPA 2001 and ISO 14520. Further, the Standard Fluids team is proud to raise the STANDARD in engineered fluids by subjecting all batches of chemical fluids products to rigorous testing performed by an independent, U.S.-based ISO 9001-certified laboratory.

“Our UL component recognition allows our customers to begin placing orders now, and they do so knowing that our products meet specifications,” Gonzalez said. “We look forward to working with customers from OEMs to end users, such as airports, oil and gas, transportation, data centers and industrial companies.”

The company’s recent debut in the engineered chemical fluids industry has garnered attention in both international and domestic markets and has customers lining up to gather information, schedule meetings and request more information about our engineered chemicals following a recent gap created in the market.

Standard Fluids’ President Luis Gonzalez and Vice President Rory Quirk attended the 5th Edition of Intersec Saudi Arabia October 3-5, and Gonzalez and Quirk, along with International Operations Director Kelvin Cabrera and North American Operations Director Mark Smith, attended the Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) 2023 conference in Washington D.C. the following week. Paul Rivers, Standard Fluids Senior Advisor, and John Owens, Senior Consultant, are on hand for technical resources at all times.

“We are thrilled to have our UL recognition so that we can hit the ground running, “Gonzalez said. “We have had an outstanding reception since announcing the formation of Standard Fluids at both Intersec and SFPE,” Gonzalez said. “And as a result of our global travels, we have solidified relationships with significant, multi-location entities that are looking for a high-quality, reliable source for their engineered fluids. We are currently working on next steps to provide SF 1230 fluid and other Standard Fluids engineered chemicals from the same team that they have come to know for several decades.”

Gonzalez noted that customers are interested in SF 1230 fluid and other Standard Fluids engineered solutions because of the credibility, transparency and experience the Standard Fluids team brings to the table.

“Our experience is a key factor in what has attracted end users. Our offerings are produced by a well-known and globally respected team,” he said. “Our team is made up of the folks who invented the technology leading to our SF-engineered fluids, including our SF 1230 fluid offering, and who developed this business globally – so they are already trusted and experienced. Not only that, but our products were invented in the U.S., are globally sourced and then put through a testing protocol that is second to none. We want people to know they can trust the quality of our product and the dedication of our team to exceeding their expectations.”

An Experienced Team of Industry Experts

The Standard Fluids team is comprised of experts who have long been in the industry and whom people know and trust. Their experience represents the specialty fields of fire protection engineering, fire suppression, chemical engineering, and telecommunications. Each member of the team has played an essential role in establishing industry norms, and each understands what it takes to supply materials that satisfy customer demands around safety, performance and sustainability. Our technical guidance stems from the laboratory to the field, through final delivery to meet customer demands.

Rivers, with more than 45 years in the fire protection industry, along with Owens, with over 40 years, were lead inventors and original patent-holders for the very successful and recently discontinued 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid product. Gonzalez has 40 years in the fire protection industry, and Quirk is an accomplished international entrepreneur with 20 years of experience working in China, Asia, MEA and the U.S. markets. Smith has been a leader in the fire protection industry for more than 25 years and is coordinating sales and marketing opportunities for key accounts and associations primarily based in North America. Emphasis will also be given to key specifiers and end users in multiple vertical markets. With over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industries, Cabrera is leading international operations on fire suppression, heat transfer, and precision cleaning applications focused mainly on the data center, telecommunications, and manufacturing markets.

Gonzalez reports that Standard Fluids is already being sought out to fill orders across the globe. Inquiries are coming from markets supporting mission-critical applications for a wide variety of industries including marine, transit, data centers, oil and gas, energy, aviation, museum and archives, medical centers, and industrial facilities. Those were inquiries from customers who were impacted by the recent gap in the chemical fluids market created when 3M exited the space are excited to see Standard Fluids’ arrival to the market.

“We had many people we met up with at Intersec and SFPE tell us, ‘We are really glad you are here,’” Gonzalez said. “There has been a sense of the unknown about where to get quality, verifiable products since last December, and we are happy to be able to step in now to fill this gap and serve the same industries we have been working with for several decades.”

The Mission of Standard Fluids

Standard Fluids’ mission is to supply the global marketplace with environmentally sustainable fluorinated fluids that meet or exceed current product offerings. The team is driven by its commitment to efficiently provide a competitively priced fluid where every batch is tested for purity and effectiveness.

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