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Exceeding the STANDARD in Certified Engineered Fluids.
Supplying the global marketplace with environmentally sustainable chemicals that exceed industry standards.
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The STANDARD of Excellence
Our focus on providing the best possible value ensures the reliability and price competitiveness you need to compete in a global market.
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Solutions that Exceed Industry STANDARDS
  • • Fire Suppression
  • • Immersion Cooling
  • • Precision Cleaning

Exceeding the STANDARD in Chemical Fluids

Standard Fluids is an international chemical supplier based in the U.S.

We deliver sustainable products that exceed your highest STANDARDS.

We have raised the STANDARD in chemical fluids by utilizing ISO 9001-certified facilities with the capability to meet the most stringent requirements. We provide high-quality materials to any number of industries including fire suppression, semiconductor, industrial, transportation, telecommunications, marine, oil & gas, and energy.

Our Chemical Fluids Lines

Product Lines

Fire Suppression

Clean extinguishing agents

Immersion Cooling

Heat transfer fluids solving the most critical industry needs.

Precision Cleaning

Cleaning agents for applications from semiconductors to medical devices and the most sensitive electronics.

Validation to Ensure - The STANDARD of Excellence

We are focused on providing the highest quality product with the best possible value. We have partnered a third-party validation company that has developed a proprietary validation methodology to ensure our products’ quality and purity for every batch we produce.

This allows us to provide high-quality fluids with international certifications and 3rd party inspection reports.

Industry-leading order fulfillment times.

Turnkey Solutions from Quote to Delivery

Reach out today to learn more about raising the STANDARD of excellence for you chemical fluids.