The Standard Fluids Corporation Announces Debut Appearance at NFPA Conference

Orlando, FL – The Standard Fluids Corporation is excited to announce its debut at the upcoming National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Conference & Expo, taking place from June 17-19, 2024 in Orlando, Florida. Attendees can find Standard Fluids at Booth 1937 where the company will showcase SF 1230™ Fire Protection Fluid,  its UL-component-recognized, FM-approved drop-in replacement for legacy 1230 fluid. Also, come and learn about our new exciting OEM announcements during the show!

Standard Fluids is renowned for delivering sustainable products and raising the standard in chemical fluids by offering an unmatched combination of quality, service, technical expertise, and international presence. The company meets and exceeds the most stringent requirements within the fire suppression industry, as well as semiconductor, industrial, transportation, telecommunications, marine, oil & gas, and energy segments. Standard Fluids’ products are validated by ISO 9001-certified facilities and third-party endorsements, further providing an unparalleled level of reliability and quality assurance.

The Standard Fluids team is committed to addressing questions and providing clarity to the industry around clean agent fire protection fluids while delivering the highest quality of service this industry needs.

“Our team, which originally invented and built this market, is passionate about filling the gap left by 3M when they exited in December 2022. We offer an unmatched level of expertise and are proud to provide THE drop-in replacement for Novec 1230,” Standard Fluids President Luis Gonzalez said.

“We’re looking forward to introducing SF 1230 fluid to this year’s NFPA audience. We welcome attendees to stop by our booth, get to know us, and learn more about our solutions and the value we offer their industry,” Gonzalez added.

A Team of Renowned Industry Experts

Offering over 200 years of combined experience in fire protection engineering and chemical engineering for fire suppression, amongst multiple other engineering applications, the Standard Fluids team represents the pinnacle of industry expertise. Having played a pivotal role in establishing industry norms, these experts are adept at supplying materials that meet stringent safety, performance, and sustainability standards. Their technical proficiency ensures that customer needs are met from the laboratory through final delivery and to the field.

Standard Fluids is fulfilling orders globally and is serving mission-critical applications across a broad spectrum of industries, including marine, transit, data centers, oil and gas, energy, aviation, museums and archives, medical centers, and industrial facilities.

The Standard Fluids Corporation and Fike CorporationAnnounce Strategic Alliance

The Standard Fluids Corporation (SFC), a pioneer in engineered fluid solutions, and Fike Corporation, a leader in safety technologies, are proud to announce a strategic alliance that is set to redefine the benchmarks for fire protection systems globally. This collaboration combines Standard Fluids’ cutting-edge Standard Fluids™ SF 1230™ Fire Protection Fluid with Fike’s advanced clean agent delivery technologies, establishing a new standard in safety and reliability.

A Synergy of Expertise and Excellence

The decision by Fike and Standard Fluids to join forces underscores a shared commitment to establishing a new confidence level for organizations that require reliable fire protection products. The Standard Fluids team looks forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

“Fike is a well-respected, global leader in the industry it serves, and the Standard Fluids team shares that experience, leadership and global reach,” Standard Fluids President Luis Gonzalez said. “We see the strength of both of our brands as an opportunity to bring the highest standard of quality to the industry. Our teams can collaboratively lead in the market by driving the quality message to buttress market certainty in the world of uncertainty with generic FK. The partnership with Fike emphasizes the efforts of SFC to be a complementary force with manufacturers in setting the highest standard of performance.”

Building Confidence in the Market

In a market underscored by uncertainty, Standard Fluids provides a trusted foundation of expertise where every customer is essential. Standard Fluids has distinguished itself through its commitment to service, dedication to providing the highest quality and adherence to environmental sustainability. Its SF 1230 fluid is at the forefront of the industry as the drop-in replacement for 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.

“Our primary objective is to maintain the highest standard of quality and reliability of our supply,” Standard Fluids President Luis Gonzalez said. “We maintain a thorough record of products, starting from production to testing and verifying in our USA-based ISO 9001 laboratory. We use test methods developed by the engineers who developed Novec 1230 fluid. The unique team of experts, engineers and inventors gives the industry and our customers the confidence that the quality of the product is maintained to meet or exceed industry quality requirements.” Media Contact: Elizabeth Denham I Phone: (257) 207-7034 Email:

The team at Fike is excited and relieved to have a high-quality replacement for Novec 1230 fluid and equally excited to work with a group as experienced and well respected as the Standard Fluids team.
“Fike SF 1230 fluid fills the void left by Novec 1230 fluid by offering the same chemical with the same level of quality and purity standards set and accepted for over 20 years,” said Amos Leap, Fike Fire Suppression Product Manager. “Coupled with high quality Fike equipment, third party listings and the incredible team at Standard Fluids, Fike SF 1230 fluid is the perfect drop­ inreplacement to meet those existing Novec 1230 fluid specifications.”

This strategic alliance leverages the unique strengths of each company to deliver comprehensive fire protection solutions that address the complex and evolving needs of modern industries. By integrating Standard Fluids’ innovative chemical solutions with Fike’s technological expertise in system delivery, the partnership ensures enhanced safety, reduced downtime, and greater adaptability across various applications.

Elevating Global Fire Safety Standards

Together, Standard Fluids and Fike are setting new standards in the fire protection industry. Their collaboration is a testament to their leadership in innovation and their relentless pursuit of excellence. It represents not only a partnership but a progressive vision for the future of global fire safety.

About Standard Fluids Corporation

Standard Fluids Corporation is dedicated to providing the global marketplace with environmentally sustainable solutions with fluorinated fluids that meet or exceed current product offerings. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer trust, Standard Fluids is at the forefront of the industry. For more information, visit [].

About Fike Corporation

Fike Corporation specializes in safety technologies that protect people and critical assets from dangers such as fire, explosion, and over-pressurization. Known for its engineering precision and reliable manufacturing, Fike is committed to delivering effective and innovative safety solutions.
More details can be found at httP-s://

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The Standard Fluids Corporation Announces International Debut at Intersec

Riyadh, KSA – The Standard Fluids Corporation is proud to announce its attendance at the 5th Edition of Intersec Saudi Arabia from October 3 to October 5, 2023. Standard Fluids is making its international debut at the conference as a new company with a long history of supplying the global marketplace with high-quality, environmentally sustainable chemical fluids. The team looks forward to sharing its story on the world stage and introducing its products to those attending the conference.

“We are thrilled to introduce The Standard Fluids Corporation, our team, and to debut our chemical fluid product, SF™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid, along with our immersion cooling and other engineered fluid products,” Standard Fluids President Luis Gonzalez said. “Our team has more than 140 years of combined experience and includes some very familiar faces in our industry. We are honored to launch our company on the international stage at Intersec.”

In addition to Gonzalez, the team includes Rory Quirk, Vice President of Standard Fluids and Paul Rivers, P.E. in a principal advisory role, Mark Smith as North American Operations Director, and Kelvin Cabrera as International Operations Director.

Standard Fluids’ Mission

Standard Fluids’ mission is to supply the global marketplace with environmentally sustainable fluorinated fluids that meet or exceed current product offerings. The team is driven by its commitment to efficiently provide a competitively priced fluid where every batch is tested for purity and effectiveness.

“We are excited to tell people about our company, our team, and our commitment that Standard Fluids’ customers will receive superior products, support, and technical services,” Gonzalez said. “Our team is second to none, and our precision chemicals are optimal for various applications where safety is paramount and performance and sustainability are non-negotiable. We guarantee the quality and performance of our products, which have withstood rigorous, third-party testing.”

A Team of Renowned Industry Experts

The team’s experience represents the specialty fields of fire protection engineering, fire suppression, chemical engineering, and telecommunications.

Having been at the forefront of establishing industry norms, this group of industry experts understands what it takes to supply materials that satisfy customer demands around safety, performance, and sustainability. Technical representation from industry experts provides guidance from the laboratory to the field, through final delivery to meet customer demands.

Standard Fluids is already being sought out to fill orders across the globe serving markets supporting mission-critical applications for a wide variety of industries including marine, transit, data centers, oil and gas, energy, aviation, museum and archives, medical centers, and industrial facilities.

A recent gap in the chemical fluids market created when 3M exited the space provided the perfect opportunity for Gonzalez, Quirk and Rivers to team up and put their experience to work for the industry. Gonzalez, Smith and Cabrera are former senior account executives, who, along with Rivers were members of the global team responsible for a multimillion-dollar fire protection fluid business.

Rivers has more than 45 years in the fire protection industry and was the lead inventor and original patent-holder for the very successful and recently discontinued 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid product. Gonzalez has 40 years in the fire protection industry, and Quirk is an accomplished international entrepreneur with 20 years of experience working in China, Asia, MEA and the U.S. markets. Smith has been a leader in the fire protection industry for more than 25 years and is coordinating sales and marketing opportunities for key accounts and associations primarily based in North America. Emphasis will also be given to key specifiers and end users in multiple vertical markets. Cabrera is leading international operations on fire suppression, heat transfer, and precision cleaning applications focused mainly on the data center, telecommunications, and manufacturing markets.

“I couldn’t be happier to be reunited with this team,” Smith said. “We have worked together for years and have been highly successful at providing a quality product to our customers. We look forward to renewing our customer relationships and building an even stronger business.”

Cabrera agreed noting that former customers have sought out this team for their chemical fluids needs.

“We have been in contact with many customers with whom we have built strong relationships over the years,” he said. “They come to us because we provide the solutions they need from the people they trust.”

To learn more about The Standard Fluids Corporation, contact the team at