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Paul Rivers

Principal Advisor

Biography Paul Rivers – Senior Fire Protection Engineer at Sidsson, LLC, a fire protection consulting concern. Located in Minneapolis Minnesota USA, Paul has over 45 years in the fire protection industry, working in fire insurance, fire protection consulting and fire sprinkler contracting for over 15 years and for 30 years worked in 3M laboratories in product development with a focus on fire protection solutions for critical assets. Paul’s credentials:

  • BS Fire Protection & Safety Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago IL
  • Registered professional engineer in Minnesota and Illinois, USA
  • Past President, Board of Directors for SFPE International
  • Fellow, SFPE International
  • Past President of the Minnesota Chapter, SFPE
  • Honorary, Lifetime Member, FSSA- Fire Suppression Systems Association USA
  • Principal member of NFPA GFE technical committee on Gaseous Media Fire Extinguishing Systems, USA, (NFPA 12, NFPA 12A, NFPA 2001)
  • Principal member of NFPA AIS technical committee on Airport Facilities USA (NFPA 409, NFPA 415, NFPA 423)
  • Technical Advisory delegation to the ISO TC21/SC2 for Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • Member of the USA Technical Advisory delegation to the ISO TC21/SC8 for Gaseous Media and Firefighting Systems Using Gas
  • Awarded patent US 6,478,979 B1, US OF FLUORINATED KETONES IN FIRE EXTINGUISHING COMPOSITIONS-3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid (FK-5-1-12)