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Kamal Abdelhamid ALSghair

Vice President MEA, SAC, Turkey Regions

Kamal Abdelhamid ALSghair, Standard Fluids Vice President MEA, SAC, Turkey Regions, worked as one of the Senior 3M Global team members responsible for 3M’s Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection global business. Kamal lead MEA (Middle East and Africa) as Regional Sales and Marketing Manager for approximately 15 years.

Beginning in 1987, Kamal worked in an increasingly responsible series of leading positions in the fire protection industry within the Middle East Market for clean agent fire suppression systems industry. These roles included work in products sales, projects, contracts, business developments, and as lead technical consultant.

Kamal is a member of the Fire Suppression System Association (FSSA), NFPA and is a participant in Regional SFPE Chapters.